Automating hearing loss prevention

Smart Alert earplugs and data-driven guidance on noise exposure promotes safer behaviour in industrial and construction markets.

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Why hearing loss prevention matters

Occupational noise-induced hearing loss is the most common occupational disease in the world. But it is 100% preventable. 

Current hearing conservation approaches are ineffective for workers in dynamic noise environments. Traditional PPE provides no information about the level of protection being offered or the level of exposure to damaging noise. Workers are therefore not able to change their habits to reduce personal risk.

Minuendo overcomes these problems by automating the hearing loss prevention process, providing practical real-time guidance on noise exposure that helps adopt safer behaviour in industrial and construction environments.

90-second video introduction to Smart Alert

Safe hearing.
No loss.

A new way

We offer a truly automated and integrated approach to hearing loss prevention - setting new standards in industrial and construction applications. 


  • Earplugs with natural sound, maintaining situational awareness 
    and the ability to communicate with co-workers

  • Noise exposure alerts provide real-time feedback

  • Digital solution encourages safety behaviour 

  • Promotes a collaborative rather than coercive approach to hearing loss prevention

  • Simple overview for safety managers based on easily accessible data

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Full awareness. No loss.



Real-time warnings in earplug


Patented acoustic membrane


Natural sound
Situational awareness


Simple data sync for notifications


Easy to combine with earmuffs and other PPE


Security clip for working at Height


Wide range of Ear Tips




The development of Smart alert earplugs is supported by the EIC Accellerator.