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Looking for a New Year’s Resolution (That’s Easy to Stick With)? Resolve to Improve Your Approach to Occupational Noise Monitoring in 2024

Image of chalk board with a mind map of typical New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions

Save money.

Stay healthy

Work smarter, not harder.

 . . . these are (what we consider to be) pretty standard New Year’s resolutions. In fact, most members of the team at Minuendo have these on their list of goals for 2024. And as it turns out, these seemingly personal resolutions are equally as applicable when it comes to goal-setting at the professional and organisational level.

For businesses, saving money and staying under budget is often priority number one. For workers - especially those in industries where risk and danger are ever present - staying healthy is front of mind all year long. And for both employers and employees, working smarter (not harder) is an all-but guaranteed way to drive positive outcomes across an organisation, on every team, at every level. 

But the reality of New Year’s resolutions - as most of us know - is that they’re often tough to see through. Maybe they feel too lofty, maybe they’re too tough to track, or maybe you just don’t have any idea where to start. That’s why it’s so important to seek out New Year’s resolutions that you (and your business) can actually commit to, in the longer term.

For businesses with workers who are exposed to occupational noise, there is a clear path toward achieving these seemingly basic goals: To save money, stay healthy, and work smarter, your team can adopt Smart Alert to transform your approach to noise monitoring and instantly enhance the efficiency, safety, and productivity of your operations.

Resolution one: Save money.

New systems, processes, or ways of working generally require an initial outlay or investment to get started, but once they’re in place, the improvements and efficiencies they drive offer savings many times over. In fact, a recent research report found that businesses which meaningfully invested in new technology-driven solutions and the organisational structures to support them  (i.e. digitally transformed) continually outperformed businesses that didn’t prioritise such investment across several key financial metrics, including revenue growth and profitability.

Smart Alert is, of course, more expensive than single-use ear plugs, at least initially. But Smart Alert is also a more effective approach to occupational noise monitoring than any available alternatives. Not only is Smart Alert designed for maximum comfort and protection without over-protection, the data that teams get from Smart Alert over time can be used to refine or implement controls, and improve health and safety outcomes across the business. Moreover, Smart Alert offers teams real-time data which they can use to ensure compliance with relevant regulations, while providing them with the in-depth information they need to more effectively dispute claims of NIHL, if and when they’re made.

In sum: Smart Alert is an investment that can pay back dividends in terms of both cost, and confidence. 

You can learn more about how Smart Alert can help you get even more out of your investments in regulatory compliance by reading this article.

Resolution two: Stay healthy.

When it comes to workplace goals for the New Year, every team should have this resolution on their list. Protecting the health of workers is obviously important: Aside from being the right thing to do, it’s required by law, and it’s the only way to ensure that projects and operations move forward at pace.

But guesswork about how much risk your workers are actually exposed to isn’t good enough when it comes to actually looking out for their health. The only way to truly protect the health of your teams is to adopt an approach to risk monitoring and management that takes guesswork out of the equation, and gives you control over your risk environment. 

With the right solutions in place, hitting this goal is anything but a pie-in-the-sky resolution.

You can learn more about how Smart Alert eliminates costly guesswork and introduces certainty into your approach to risk management in this article.

Resolution three: work smarter, not harder.

The pace of pretty much everything is accelerating faster than ever before - projects, markets, and customer demands are changing all the time, making it mandatory for teams to evolve quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition. And over time, it’s become clear that teams who prioritise data-driven decision making are the ones who continue to see success. 

This is because data-driven decision making is one of the single-most important factors for optimising workplace performance. When you’re able to generate and evaluate real-time insights, you can apply actual data to real-world problems and, ultimately, build and implement better business strategies. 

With Smart Alert,  the amount of noise to which your workers are exposed is continuously monitored throughout their shift. Not only are they alerted as to when they are in danger of meeting or exceeding exposure thresholds - which enables them to take immediate action - the data that is collected by Smart Alert is automatically collected before being transformed into visually attractive dashboards that anyone (usually, a Safety Manager) can use to make informed decisions about how to adjust or refine ways of working to ensure a safer noise environment. 

Crucially, this process isn’t just automatic, it’s proactive: teams are empowered to take action before exposure thresholds are reached or exceeded. In this way, Smart Alert enables a level of efficiency with regards to noise monitoring that’s unprecedented in most industries.

Put simply: Working smarter, not harder, is one of the key ways that savvy businesses are streamlining their processes and future-proofing their operations.

You can learn more about why forward-thinking teams are choosing Smart Alert in this article.


The New Year is the perfect opportunity to take a fresh approach to tackling your business goals.

To speak with a member of our team about your plans for 2024 and how we can help, just get in touch.

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