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An appeal to musicians and music lovers

The world has gone quiet. Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, hearing protection isn’t top of mind. Understandable.

Due to the coronavirus, many musicians are having their livelihoods challenged. Tours, concerts, and festivals are canceled and releases postponed. Norwegian freelancer in Nashville, Keven Eknes, posted he has lost 32 gigs already in this short time. Many musicians like him are trying to make the most of the situation by launching Patreon sites, live streaming mini-concerts and selling online lessons.

You, as a consumer, can do something as well. Support your favorite artists in this period of need. Join in as a Patreon or member. Support a GoFundMe. Leave your Spotify stream on repeat after you are done listening. Don’t skip the ad on Youtube. I know it’s hard. But do it. It’s easy in the time of streaming to take music for granted. Creativity is core to the human experience, but it is also fragile. It needs the right growth conditions, and you can be a part of giving musicians and other creatives the foundations of a living wage.

Many musicians are using the extra time at home to hone their craft, connect with their fans online, and create new material. The support of their fans can be a source of motivation and inspiration in this challenging situation. They say there will be a wave of babies and divorces after this period of social distancing. Hopefully, it will be accompanied by a wave of great new music.

Minuendo is in a good place to weather the storm. And when the storm breaks, the world will get loud again. And Minuendo will be there with earplugs to protect you when it gets too loud.

PS. A violin can produce sound levels up to 110dB at the closest ear. If you are taking this time to practice your instrument a lot, remember to take breaks and wear protection if necessary.

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