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2023 Year in Review: The Biggest News, Updates, and Key Takeaways from the Minuendo Team

2023 was one for the books! From incredible events to exciting updates (and more!), our team had a phenomenal year. Now, it’s time to look back on all that we’ve done and accomplished while we gear up for 2024!

2023, Month-by-Month:

We kicked off 2023 strong, attending Safety Health & Wellbeing Live in Manchester, where the team demonstrated Smart Alert and met with hundreds of innovators from around the UK. 

Next, we travelled all the way to Florida to attend the National Hearing Conservation Association annual conference. The event was another great success for the team, who had the chance to mix and mingle with industry experts, colleagues, and friends.

One of our biggest moments of 2023 came when we won first place in the Tomorrow’s Health and Safety awards! The prestigious THS awards recognise the most innovative products and services in the health and safety space, and our team was absolutely delighted to be chosen as the winner this year. 

Next, it was on to another conference! Our team travelled to Leeds for the British Occupational Hygiene Society’s annual workplace health protection conference, where we spent three days enjoying interactive workshops and engaging seminars.

Less than one month later, we spent a wonderful day at the HSE Global Series Conference in England, meeting with leading health and safety experts from across the globe while introducing Smart Alert to plenty of new connections and customers.

In Summer, we announced the availability of Smart Alert in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland! With this expansion comes great potential for our customers throughout Europe to take advantage of all that Smart Alert has to offer, and we couldn’t be more excited to see our presence growing in these markets!

In September, we travelled once again to the Safety Health and Wellbeing Live annual conference, this time for the South of England. It was another amazing event, jam-packed with expert sessions, great networking, and eye-opening product demos.

As the year began to wind down, our team stayed on the road! In October, we travelled to the A+A International Trade Fair and Congress in Germany, where we were thrilled to spend three days amongst fellow industry experts and innovators.

Also in October, we announced our latest partnership with Ace Technik, a provider of innovative solutions for workplace safety based in Germany. Through this exciting partnership, we’ll continue to drive awareness of Smart Alert and modern noise monitoring technology throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Of course, we couldn’t let November pass without attending a few final conferences! We attended the Norwegian Occupational Hygiene Association annual conference and the EBA HSE conference. 

We also travelled to the UK Hearing Conservation Association’s conference in Sheffield, where we enjoyed a full day of conversations surrounding the impact that hearing loss can have on general health and wellbeing. Next, we headed up to Scotland for the HSM Live event in Edinburgh, where we met with over 200 delegates from throughout the health and safety sector.

Key Takeaways from 2023:

It’s hard to believe we fit all of that excitement (and all of that travel!) in just twelve months! And as we reflect on what 2023 has meant to us, we’ve come up with a few key takeaways:

Takeaway #1: Smart Alert is making a difference.

Seeing our customers benefit from Smart Alert is the absolute best part of our job. This year, we spoke with customers who shared how impactful Smart Alert has been for their teams, and we saw first-hand how companies are using Smart Alert to create better health and safety outcomes for workers, all while improving key data visibility and refining their controls and compliance efforts. 

Takeaway #2: The time for change is now.

One thing we’ve noticed in 2023 is just how quickly things can change, and evolve. Whether it’s the needs of our customers, market conditions, the competitive landscape, or even regulations, nothing stays stagnant for long. For us, this couldn’t be more exciting. We believe that Smart Alert is the way forward for better noise monitoring in the workplace, and we couldn’t be more excited to help teams as they prepare to take their next steps forward. 

Takeaway #3: Hearing health is having a moment.

Hearing loss impacts over one billion people around the world, but the reality is that hearing health can be an afterthought for people when considering their safety or wellbeing. Thankfully, the tide seems to be turning, and fast. We’re seeing revolutions in hearing care accessibility and hearing testing, and at Mineundo, we’re seeing customers take a more proactive approach to their workers’ hearing health. It’s looking like 2024 could be a watershed moment for all things hearing protection and hearing loss, and we can’t wait to see how that impacts the world of occupational health and safety.

– – – 

2024 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for our team. Our event calendar is full, we’ve got exciting product updates in the works, and we’re looking forward to our new partnerships around the globe. 

If you want to see what we’re up to in real-time, make sure to follow our journey on social media.

Welcome to 2024!

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